Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Earl of Essex

Monday 16 August 2010 Tudor-Stuart Midsummer Seminar
Institute of Historical Research, University of London

In response to many requests that the Tudor-Stuart seminar should not shut down completely during the summer, we have arranged an extended day-seminar on the Earl of Essex (d. 1601) for Monday 16 August 2010. The provisional programme is below. The plenary paper will be 40 minutes followed by 10 minutes for discussion. Each subsequent paper will be 25 minutes followed by 10 minutes’ discussion, with opportunities for more discussion at the end of each session.
We ask participants who cannot stay for the whole day to attend either the morning or afternoon sessions. Please DO NOT disrupt the seminar by attending only for an individual paper.
Seminar committee: Pauline Croft, RHUL: Simon Healy, History of Parliament Trust: Richard Hoyle, University of Reading: Michael Questier, QMUL: Rivkah Zim, KCL, with Professor Malcolm Smuts, University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Morning Session

10.00 Welcome : Pauline Croft

10.10 Plenary paper
Paul Hammer Why does Essex still matter?

11.00 Malcolm Smuts “Patriot Essex” and his concept of the State

11.40 Lisa Ford Soldier, Statesman, Traitor, Martyr: the shaping of
Essex’s persona in visuals and text

12. 15- 12.45 general discussion of the papers (chair, Pauline Croft)

12.45 Lunch Sandwiches, fruit and coffee may be purchased in the IHR common room, or feel free to bring your own.

Afternoon Session

2. 00 Hiram Morgan Essex and Ireland before 1599

2.40 Alexandra Gajda Essex and the languages of counsel

3. 15 Michael Ullyot Essex and his Exemplars

4.00 general discussion of the papers (chair, Paul Hammer)

4.30 concluding remarks Malcolm Smuts


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