Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feeling Objects: a reading group at Birkbeck, London

Feeling Objects is an informal reading group that aims to consider how we might think about, describe, categorise, and respond to objects. We’re particularly interested in considering the relationship between subject and object; in the sense of delight that objects sometimes induce, and ways in which this delight might be critically useful; and about the idea of objects having agency in the world.

The reading group will, we hope, be made up of both students and staff from Birkbeck and other institutions, drawn from a range of disciplines and periods. We aim to meet twice a term, on Fridays, from 6-8pm. Readings for each meeting will be short: they shouldn’t take much more than an hour. We’ll generally read several short excerpts, rather than longer single works: a mix of the critical, the literary, the visual, the polemical, and whatever else we think looks compelling. We’ve mapped out the themes for the first four meetings, but after that we’d like to see where the group wants to take things.

Details and readings: http://www.bbk.ac.uk/eh/research/research_seminars/feeling_objects


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