Sunday, November 07, 2010

Court Studies

Seminars are held at 6pm at The Georgian Group, 6 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 5DX. The Annual General Meeting will take place at 5.45 pm on 20 June, immediately preceding the seminar paper.

14 February

Edward Town (Sussex University and the National Trust) and

Olivia Fryman (Kingston University and Historic Royal Palaces)

Fabricating a Courtier House: Lionel Cranfield at Chelsea, 1619-1624

14 March

Professor Miles Taylor (Institute of Historical Research)

The Diamond Jubilee of 1897: The Making and Unmaking of a Royal Event

4 April

Professor J. R. Christianson (Luther College Iowa)

Science and Religion at the Court of Denmark, 1550-1596

9 May

Dr Marika Keblusek (Leiden University)
Three 'First Ladies' in The Hague: Rivalries and Alliances at the Courts of Mary Stuart, Elizabeth of Bohemia and Amalia van Solms

20 June

Dr Jonathan Spangler (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Another Charles Restored in 1660?: The Re-establishment of the Court of Charles IV of Lorraine

3 October

Dr Barrie Cook (British Museum)

“The King offereth but only Gold”: Coins and Royal Ceremony in Tudor and early Stuart England

14 November

Dr Gordon Higgott (St Paul’s Cathedral) and Dr A. V. Grimstone (Pembroke College, Cambridge)

Edward Pearce senior (fl. 1630-d.1658): Decorative Artist, Landscape Painter and Collaborator of Inigo Jones

12 December

Dr Erin Griffey (University of Auckland)

Behind Closed Doors: Storing Household Goods at the Stuart Courts


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