Sunday, November 07, 2010

Research Fellowships

France’s National Centre for Scientific Research is offering tenured
Research Fellowships in the Humanities.
The IRCL (Institute for Research in the Renaissance, the neo-Classical age and
the Enlightenment), a joint research centre of the CNRS and the university of
Montpellier III, welcomes applications in the field of Shakespearean and Early
Modern Studies, ideally within the compass of, or able to interact with, the
centre’s areas of interest in those fields.
Research Fellows recruited by the CNRS and attached to the IRCL would be
expected to live in or near Montpellier and actively participate in the life of
the centre.
Anyone interested in considering applying or wishing for further information or
guidance should contact the director of the IRCL, Professor Nathalie
Vienne-Guerrin, at: A recommendation is
Applications should reach the CNRS between December 1, 2010 and January 1, 2011.
The monthly salary starts at £2,100 net. Research Fellows are attached to a
research centre of the CNRS in the relevant field.
There is no age limit but recruitments suggest that the CNRS favours young
applicants in their late twenties and certainly under 40.
A good knowledge of written and spoken French is imperative, since the
two-tiered procedure is entirely in French, as follows:
1/ Applications are assessed by a board of Research Fellows at the national
level: CV, PhD, publications, planned research project
2/ Interview, bearing essentially on the research project
For more information on the CNRS and careers at the CNRS Website of the CNRS:


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