Thursday, December 09, 2010

*Performing the Book: Multi-Media Histories of Early Modern Britain*

February 11, 2011
Alexander Library, 4th floor
169 College Avenue
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

9:00 am Registration

9:30 amAlastair Bellany (Director, Rutgers British Studies Center),
Welcoming Remarks

9:45 -- 11:00 amChristopher Marsh (Queen's University, Belfast),
"Balladry as a Multi-Media Matrix: Best-Selling Songs and Their
Significance in Seventeenth-Century England"

11:15 am -- 12:45 pmMulti-Media Adaptation

Juliet Fleming (New York University), "The Pre-Historic Renaissance"

Scott Trudell (Rutgers University), "'Drown'd in noyse': Multi-Mediation
in the Lord Mayor's Show"

Michael Plunkett (City University of New York), "A Queen's Masque in
Chaucer's House"

Panel chair: Allison Deutermann (City University of New York)

12:45 -- 2:00 pm Catered lunch

2:00 -- 3:15 pm Bruce R. Smith (University of Southern California),
"Within, Without, Withinwards: The Circulation of Sound in Shakespeare's

3:45 -- 5:00 pm Acoustic Circulation

Thomas Ward (University of Pennsylvania), "Properti and Proper Voisez in
Siksti;nĂ¾ Senturi Speling Reform"

Leslie C. Dunn (Vassar College), "Catches and Snatches: Tuning in to the
Early Modern Song Network"

Tessie Prakas (Yale University), "Musical Passports: The Circulation of
Liturgical Sound in the Seventeenth Century"

Panel chair: Carter Mathes (Rutgers University)

5:15 -- 6:30 pmResponse and Discussion

R. Malcolm Smuts (University of Massachusetts, Boston)

Gary Tomlinson (University of Pennsylvania)

Moderator: Meredith McGill (Rutgers University)

6:30 pmReception

This event is free and open to the public. To register, or if you are
interested in attending via live webcast, please email Scott Trudell
( by February 7, 2011


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