Tuesday, December 07, 2010

SRS Conference Grant Funding

The Society for Renaissance Studies intends to make a number of grants of up to £1,500 each to support conferences or colloquia within the field of Renaissance Studies planned for calendar year 1 January 2012-31 December 2012 and held in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland. These awards will not be made to individuals to attend conferences, but to the organizers of conferences to provide assistance with organizational support and/or the travel and subsistence costs of certain participants, including postgraduate students. The closing date for the receipt of applications to support conferences in 2012 is 31st January 2011 and further details, including application forms can be found at http://www.rensoc.org.uk/SRSFundingPage.html

Professor Claire Jowitt
Conference Officer, Society for Renaissance Studies


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