Monday, January 24, 2011


London Renaissance Seminar
Birkbeck College, February 12 1.30pm-5.30pm
Organisers: Sue Wiseman and Lucy Munro

Where is Jonson on the eve of his new edition? This seminar brings together current work on Jonsoin and offers an opportunity to discuss the last decade of extraordinary developments in Jonson studies and, of course, the next. Speakers will discuss the Jonson’s drama, his big walk, his politics and classical learning.
Speakers include:

Professor Martin Butler (Leeds) 'Ben Jonson: Catholic dramatist'
Professor Julie Sanders (Nottingham) ‘Jonson’s walk: the Midlands connection’
Dr Victoria Moule (King’s College, London) ‘Jonson’s appropriations of Pindar: the masques’
To be followed by a round table discussion: Jonsons then, now and to come….
The seminar will be held in Birkbeck, in or near Malet Street, London WC1. Room to be confirmed

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Blogger mike thomas said...

excellent and about time.

Perhaps we might read some things re Jonson, which are not tales for a pleasant change: Were is it written that he walked to Scotland? Where do we see the origin of Jonson's two by two grave? What exactly was the mark branded on his thumb? Where's the evidence?

Let's have some references we can rely on.

Good luck all.

11:09 PM  

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