Thursday, January 13, 2011

Conference: Editing Donne

The editors of the Oxford Edition of the Sermons of John Donne are delighted to announce that on 26 March 2011, we will host the first of three AHRC-funded events: Editing Donne. This conference will appeal to scholars and students of the writings of John Donne, notably his sermons; to those engaged in textual criticism and bibliographical studies in the Early Modern period (and beyond), as well as to those with an interest in the historical, cultural, and religious milieu that forms the backdrop to Donne's sermons.

We are very excited to have Claire Preston (Cambridge) as conference respondent.

Other speakers to include: Peter McCullough (Oxford); David Colclough (Queen Mary); Katrin Ettenhuber (Cambridge); Erica Longfellow (Kingston); Mary Ann Lund (Leicester); Mary Morrissey (Reading); Emma Rhatigan (Sheffield); Hugh Adlington (Birmingham); Philip West (Oxford); Sebastiaan Verweij (Oxford).

Student bursaries available.

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