Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Golden Age and Renaissance

Originally founded at Queen Mary, the seminar has been based at UCL since 1998.

We are interested in papers on any aspect of early modern Spanish culture and particularly welcome contributions from postgraduates. If you would like to offer a paper then please contact the organizer Alexander Samson:
2011 Events
Early Colonial History Symposium, Wednesday 20th April, Foster Court 101


9.30 – 10am Registration.

10 – 11.30am Session 1.

Iris Montero Sobrevilla (Cambridge), New-World nature in Old-World coating: the hummingbird in the emblematic tradition

Andrew Redden (Qeen’s University Belfast), ‘Animo hijos míos. Ved aquí los ángeles q' vienen a serviros': Angelic Sickness in Early Modern Hispanic America

Estefania Yunes Vincke (UCL), Pedro de Gante and the Catecismo en pictogramas

11.30 – 12am Coffee Break.

12 – 1.30pm Session 2.

Victoria Rios Castaño (Ulster), Juan López de Velasco's Relaciones topográficas and geográficas

Robert Goodwin (KCL/UCL), The perpetuation of sixteenth-century misrepresentations in modern historiographical readings of a relación

Alexander Samson (UCL), Informaciones de servicio as Administrative Instrument

1.30 – 2.30pm Lunch.

2.30 – 5pm Session 3.

Elizabeth Baquedano (UCL, Institute of Archaeology), Aztec Gold.

Caroline Dodds Pennock (Sheffield), Was there an Indigenous Atlantic?

Barry Ife (Guidlhall School of Music and Drama), Where was Bernal Díaz when Cortés needed him?

Zoltan Biedermann (Birkbeck), How to Map an Alien Empire: Safavid Persia in some Iberian texts and maps
This event is free of charge and open to all. Please contact the organizer for more details Location maps as to how to get to UCL and the venue are available here:


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