Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"John Milton's 'Philosophic Freedom': How to Improve the World with Books"

Thursday, February 3 [at Rutgers], 26th Annual Louis Faugeres Bishop Lecture
NIGEL SMITH (Princeton)
Scholarly Communications Center, Archibald S. Alexander Library,
169 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ
4.30 pm

Nigel Smith, Professor of English and Co-director of the Center for
the Study of Books and Media at Princeton University, will give the
Rutgers University Libraries' 2011 Louis Faugères Bishop III lecture
on February 3, 2011 at the Alexander Library in New Brunswick. Nigel
Smith, the author of "Is Milton Better than Shakespeare?," came to
Princeton from the University of Oxford in 1999. His lecture will
celebrate the opening of the exhibition Milton and the Cultures of
Print, on display in the Special Collections and University Archives
Galleries until May 31, 2011. The exhibition in Alexander Library,
curated by Rutgers Associate Professor of English Thomas Fulton, will
focus on Milton as a historical figure, placing him in the context of
the turbulent times in which he lived. In addition to a number of
first editions by Milton, the exhibition will include a changing
digital display of Milton's manuscripts.


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