Tuesday, March 01, 2011

England and Spain

The next seminar of the UCL Centre for Modern Exchanges will be on
'England and Spain'. It will take place at 4.30pm on Wed 9 March, in
Foster Court 243 (NB return to original location!). Please display the
attached poster if you can.

The speakers and papers are as follows:

Alexander Samson (UCL, Spanish), Translating the Reign of Philip and Mary

John Ardila (Edinburgh), The English Reception of Don Quixote in the
Performing Arts

Catherine Scheybeler (KCL), Jorge Juan y Santacilia's mission to London:
An example of naval espionage in the eighteenth century

There will be a further Early Modern Exchanges seminar at 5pm on Wed 8
June, when the speaker will be Alan Stewart (Columbia), title to be

For further information, please see www.ucl.ac.uk/eme
For maps and a route finder, please see www.ucl.ac.uk/locations/ucl-maps

All welcome!

Professor Helen Hackett
Co-Director, UCL Centre for Early Modern Exchanges
English Department
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT


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