Monday, March 14, 2011

The Honest Man's Fortune

The Annual Renaissance Colloquium presents a Staged Reading of
Nathan Field's and John Fletcher's The Honest Man's Fortune (1613).
At Canterbury Christ Church University Saturday 7th May 2011. Laud
Building (Lg25)

The event will feature the staged reading of the entire play and will
culminate with a round-table discussion of the many issues associated with
this important and entertaining play. The leading roles of Montaigne and
Veramour will be read by Brian McMahon and Kelley Costigan.

The play itself, originally performed in 1613, has some interesting and at
times, downright bizarre instances of gender games upon the early modern

**Schedule for the Event**

12.30: Welcome Coffee in Laud (Room Lg25)

12.45: Welcome and Introductory Notes

13.00: Staged Reading of The Honest Man's Fortune (with a short interval
at the end of Act III).

16.30: Round Table Discussion of the play with coffee.

17.15: Close

*Admission is free but prior registration is required. If you would like
to attend this event, please register by contacting Steve Orman.


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