Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Documents as props in early modern drama

The Columbia Early Modern Seminar is delighted to welcome Tiffany
Stern (Oxford), this Thursday, April 14, from 6.15 PM.

Tiffany Stern is the Beaverbrook and Bouverie Fellow and Tutor in
English at University College, Oxford, and Professor of Early Modern
Drama at Oxford University. A specialist in Shakespeare, theatre
history from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, book history and
editing, she is the author of *Rehearsal from Shakespeare to Sheridan*
(Clarendon Press, 2000), *Making Shakespeare* (Routledge, 2004),
*Shakespeare in Parts* (with Simon Palfrey, Oxford University Press,
2007), and *Documents of Performance in Early Modern England*
(Cambridge University Press, 2009). Her paper is entitled

"'This paper has undone me': documents as props in early modern drama"

6.15 PM
509 Hamilton Hall, Columbia University, Morningside campus.

Contact: Alan Stewart

All welcome.


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