Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shakespeare's Sisters

Message from Georgianna Ziegler, Folger Shakespeare Library


The Renaissance Society of America will be held next year in Washington, DC
from March 22-24. Concurrently, the Folger Library will feature an
exhibition titled “Shakespeare's Sisters: voices of English and European
women writers, 1500-1700.” We are planning to hold three sessions during
one day at the Folger on early women writers, and are calling for papers on
a variety of topics, including:

Influence of women writers on each other

Women as translators or reworkers of male writers, including Sidney,
Ariosto, Tasso

Women as religious writers (Parr, Douglas, Fox, Colonna, Navarre, Montenay

Women translating Psalms (Sidney, Prowse, Barriferri, Inglis, Cheron

Women as literary patrons (Clifford and Sidney families especially featured
in exhibition)

Women writing about love (Aragona, Colonna, Stampa, Labe, Crenne, Navarre,

Women playwrights/translators (Sidney, Cary, Philips, Cavendish, Behn,
Centlivre, Pix, Manley, Trotter)

Italian women playwrights (Andreini, Miani, Costa, Valerii, Rangone

Women of the French Salons

Comparative-literature and interdisciplinary papers are especially welcome.

Please send inquiries and proposals by May 27 to: gziegler@folger.edu


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