Monday, June 13, 2011

Intercultural Knowledge Transfer: Europe and Islam in late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

International Workshop, 15 June 2011, 5-7pm, Christopher Ingold Ramsay Lecture Theatre Gower Street UCL

This workshop investigates the role of culture and knowledge transfer
between different religious communities, focusing, in this case, on
exchanges between mediterranean culture of late antiquity and emerging
Islam, Jewish-Islamic cultural transfer, and instances of knowledge transfer
from Islamic sources to Jewish communities. Thus, the workshop proposes to
understand religious communities as arenas of knowledge production and
reception, as cultural contexts stimulating knowledge exchange and transfer.


• Prof Angelika Neuwirth (Freie Universität Berlin), The Kor'an as a
text of late antiquity
• Dr François de Blois (UCL), Medieval Islamic Science: Its
Achievements, Limitations, and Transmission to Western Europe
• Dr Ilana Wartenberg (UCL), A late medieval conversion algorithm
between the Muslim and Jewish calendars by Isaac Ibn al-Ahdab

• Chair: Dr François Guesnet (UCL)

The event is free but registration is requested. For further information,


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