Monday, September 19, 2011

The representation and role of owners, donors and patrons in medieval art

Friday 11th May 2012
Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies
University of Kent at Canterbury

Keynote Speaker: Dr Julian Luxford, University of St Andrews


Medieval art teems with examples of owners, donors or patrons whose presence is expressed in a variety of ways. Representation ranges in form, frequency and subtlety from heraldry, and actual portrayal, to choice of image subject matter. It is interesting to consider more closely the details of the owners, donors and patrons beyond mere identification and to explore the role and influence of the man or woman, lay or religious, upon the iconography employed in the artwork itself. The ‘Me Fieri Fecit’ symposium seeks to generate discussion not only on the who but also the why of ownership, donorship and patronage of medieval art.

Themes for discussion might include, but are not limited to:

Representation and portrayal Making a statement

Motivations: personal, political, religious Use of evidence

Religious versus lay Levels of influence

Absence of presence in major works Gender trends

Effects of giving & receiving on iconography Identity

This symposium welcomes proposals from doctoral students and established researchers. Expressions of interest and abstracts of 250 words, for a 20 minute paper, should be sent to Jayne Wackett at by January 15th 2012.


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