Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Shakespeare and the Banquet of the Senses

October – December 2011, at Shakespeare’s Globe

A season of events consisting of academic conferences, lectures and staged readings around the theme of the senses in early modern culture and performance. Please follow the link to see the brochure and book tickets or to register for the postgraduate forum and/or the international conference at Shakespeare’s Globe: http://www.shakespearesglobe.com/education/events

Speakers throughout the season (lectures and conferences) include: Dr Tarnya Cooper (National Portrait Gallery), Professor Evelyn Welch (QMUL), Dr Francois Quiviger (Warburg), Professor Stanley Wells and Rev. Dr Paul Edmondson (The Shakespeare Centre, Stratford), Professor Katherine Duncan-Jones (Oxford), Professor Richard Wilson (Cardiff), Dr Margaret Healy (Sussex), Professor Jonathan Hope (Strathclyde), Dr Lucy Munro (Keele), Dr Joan Fitzpatrick (Loughborough), Dr P.A. Skantze (Roehampton), Professor Laura Farina (West Virginia), Professor Ayanna Thompson (ASU), Professor David Lindley (Leeds), Professor William West (Northwestern), Professor Erica Fudge (Strathclyde).


George Chapman, Ovid’s Banquet of Sense (1595): Sunday 9 Ocober

Tomas Tomkis, Lingua (1607): Sunday 23 October

We will also feature a reading of The History of Cardenio by William Shakespeare and John Fletcher, recreated by Professor Gary Taylor: Sunday 20 November

For further enquiries, please contact Dr Farah Karim-Cooper farah.k@shakespearesglobe.com


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