Monday, September 26, 2011

UCL Centre for Early Modern Exchanges

Seminars, Autumn 2012, Wednesdays 4.30pm

5th October: Portraiture and Dolls Houses, FC 114
Maria Loh (UCL, Art History), 'Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye': Early Modern Portraiture, Friendship and Mourning
Hanneke Grootenboer (St Peter's, Oxford), Room for Contemplation: Heidegger, Bachelard and the Early Modern Doll's House

2nd November. Careers in the Early Modern, Galton Lecture Theatre, Torrington Place 1-19
Lucy Worsley (Historic Royal Palaces, presenter of the BBC series If Walls Could Talk)

Laura Massey (Rare Books Seller, Peter Harrington Books).

16th November: Guest Lecture by Jeanne Shami (University of Regina), FC 114
Women and the Early Modern Sermon

30th November: Borderlands: FC 114
Sizen Yiacoup (Liverpool University), Chivalrous Moors: Warfare and Cultural Hybridity in the Castilian Frontier Ballads
Claire Norton (St Mary's College, Strawberry Hill), Blurred Boundaries: the Mediterranean World as a Site of Interaction and Integration

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