Wednesday, September 28, 2011

University of Birmingham, Early Modern Literature, Culture, and Society

Seminar Programme 2011-12

Autumn Semester

Wed 28 September (Week 1) Jonathan Willis (Birmingham): ‘Laying down the Law: The Ten Commandments in the Early English Reformation’

Wed 12 October (Week 3) Christopher Burlinson (Cambridge): ‘Keeping Texts: Elizabethan Puritans in England and the Netherlands’

Wed 26 October (Week 5) CREMS ANNUAL LECTURE: Lecture Room 5, Arts Building, 5.15 pm, Ulinka Rublack (Cambridge): ‘Visual Cultures of the German Reformation’

Wed 16 November (Week 8) Michelle O’Callaghan (Reading): ‘Collections and Coteries: Reading Verse Miscellanies’

Wed 30 November (Week 10) Jill Francis (Birmingham): ‘Gardening networks and exchanges: the notebooks and correspondences of Sir Thomas Hanmer of Bettisfield’

To take place in Room 103, Arts Building, 4.15 pm, except for the CREMS annual lecture, which will take place in Lecture Room 5, Arts Building at 5.15 pm.

Contacts: Dr Elaine Fulton ( or Dr Hugh Adlington (


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