Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Research grants

The Renaissance Society of America: eighteen research grants for RSA members; deadline 31 December

Research projects in all subjects and language areas within Renaissance studies are eligible for support. If you are applying for a grant please be sure that you have renewed your membership for 2012.

The 18 grants are:
*RSA Research Grants (9 grants), upto $3,000 each
*Rensselaer W. Lee Memorial Grant in Art History (1 grant), $3,000
*Paul Oskar Kristeller Memorial Grant (1 grant), $3,000
*Bodleian Library Research Grant (1 grant), one-month residence in Oxford for the purposes of research in the Special Collections of the Bodleian Library, with an additional stipend of $3,000.
*Patricia H. Labalme Grant (1 grant) in collaboration with the Giorgio Cini Foundation, supports a one-month residence in at the Centro Vittore Branca on the Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore for the purpose of research in Venice, with a total award of $3,000.
*Samuel H. Kress Foundation Grant in Renaissance Art History (5 Grants); $3,000 each; these grants will support the costs of publication or research leading to publication in the history of art.

For further details of eligibility and how to apply, see https://rsa.site-ym.com/?page=ResearchGrants


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