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Collaboration, Authorship and the Renaissance: Early Modern and Postmodern Perspectives

Queen’s University, Belfast, January 13-14, 2012

Friday 13th January (Seminar Room 2, International & Postgraduate Student Centre)

09.00 — 10.00 Registration/tea and coffee

10.00 — 11.15 Opening Plenary

‘Collaboration or Adaptation? Macro or Micro Authorship’ (Professor Gary Taylor, Florida State University)

11.30 — 12.45 Session 1: Ambiguities and Attributions

*‘“Cursed Locrine, looke vnto thy selfe”: The Ambiguous Labour of “W.S.”’

( Peter Kirwan, University of Nottingham)

* ‘Collaboration and Attribution in Two Middleton-Dekker City Comedies’

(Eilidh Kane, University of Glasgow)

13.45 — 15.00 Plenary Paper 2

‘The Taming of the Shrew, the Coming of Sound and Authenticity’ (Deborah Cartmell, De Montfort University)

15.00 — 16.00 Session 2: Collaboration in Elsinore

* ‘Tampering with Hamlet: a model and example of collaborative negotiations’

(Maciej Piątek)

* ‘Intersubjectivity, Memory, and Hamlet’ (Rob Carson, Hobart and William Smith College)

16.15 — 17.15 Session 3: Collaboration and/in Print

* ‘“Ay, that’s the point”: punctuation and speculation in early modern printed drama’ (Ian Burrows, University of East Anglia)

* ‘Edmund Spenser’s Complaints and Paratextual Collaboration’(Rachel J. Stenner, University of Bristol)

17.30 Book launch/ Wine Reception [Venue: Old Staff Common Room]

Launch of The Edinburgh Companion to Shakespeare and the Arts (eds. Mark Thornton Burnett, Adrian Streete and Ramona Wray, Edinburgh University Press, 2011). Opening remarks by Gary Taylor.

Saturday 14th January (Seminar Room, Postgraduate Centre, 18 College Green)

09.30 — 10.00 Registration/tea and coffee

10.00 — 11.15 Plenary Paper 3

‘“The play of mr fletcher & owrs”: Writing and Rewriting the Early Modern Play’

(Professor Grace Ioppolo, University of Reading)

11.30 — 12.45 Session 4: Politics and Practices on the Collaborative Stage

* ‘Thomas Nashe as Dramatic Collaborator’(John Pendergast, Southern Illinois University)

* ‘“The play has no true centre”: Collaboration and Politics in Sir John van Olden Barnavelt’ (Conor Smyth, Queen’s University Belfast)

13.45 — 15.00 Session 5: Authors and Auteurs

* ‘Author and Auteur in Queer Edward II’ (John Blakeley, The University College Plymouth St Mark & St John)

* ‘Thor and back again: Kenneth Branagh and the evolution of the Shakespearean auteur’ (Kevin Murray, Queen’s University Belfast)

* ‘Shakespearean Authorship and Authority: Conjunctions Between Early Modern Enchantment in Dryden and Davenant’s Enchanted Island and Postmodern Disillusion in Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet’ (Thea Buckley, University of Birmingham)

15.15 — 16.30 Session 6: Collaboration in Modernity

* ‘Sharing Shakespeare? Authorship from a Theatre Perspective’ (Varsha Panjwani, University of York)

* [Final title tbc] (Elizabethan Reyes, University of Dallas)

* ‘From Song to Screen: Rewriting Shakespeare’s Sonnets in the Music of Henry Lawes and the Scripts of Star Trek’ (Faith Acker, University of St. Andrews)

16.45- 18.oo Session 7: Collaboration and Digital Media

* ‘Collaborative Theatre in the Fable Universe: Choices in Gameplay’ (Jonathan Malone, Queen’s University Belfast)

* ‘“fuckyeahshakespeare”: Re-Authorising Shakespeare in the Digital Commons’

(Conor Smyth, Queen’s University Belfast

6.00 p.m. Conference Dinner

Villa Italia (39 University Rd, Belfast). Approx. cost: £25-£30

For further information (e.g. re: travel, accommodation) and to book a place, contact the organisers (Conor Smyth and Kevin Murray) at: collaboration2012@qub.ac.uk as soon as possible.


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