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Negotiating Early Modern Women

Call for Papers

Early Modern Research Centre, University of Reading, UK
Early Modern Studies Conference July 12th-14th 2012

A series of panels within Reading University’s Early Modern Studies Conference (2012) will be devoted to the exploration of writing by early modern women. We would welcome proposals for panels or individual papers addressing any aspect of early modern women’s writing, but we are particularly keen to receive proposals addressing the critical assumptions underlying current scholarly practice. Topics may include but are not limited to:

Why do we study writing by early modern women?
Can we justify the study of ‘women’ as a category?
Is there such a thing as ‘women’s writing’?
What can the work of individual women, or specific groups of women, reveal about women and gender in the period more generally?
How do we understand the relationship between writing by men and that by women?
What does women’s writing reveal about the early modern canon as a whole?
Is it possible to reach conclusions about women and their use of literary genre?
What new directions might we take in the study of early modern women?
What, currently, is the place of theory in the study of early modern women?
Editing and editions
Women and prose
Women and literary form/genre

Proposals for panels should consist of a minimum of two and a maximum of four papers. Each panel proposal should contain the names of the session chair, the names and affiliations of the speakers and short abstracts (200 word abstracts) of the papers together with email contacts for all participants. A proposal for an individual paper should consist of a 200 word abstract of the paper with brief details of affiliation and career.

Proposals for either papers or panels should be sent by email to Dr. Alice Eardley by January 31st 2012:

For further details see:


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