Thursday, January 19, 2012


The UCL Centre for Early Modern Exchanges will host the following seminars for the rest of this term. All seminars are at 4.30pm on Wednesdays. For more information, see For maps and a route finder, see All welcome.

A poster is attached; please display it if you can. Many thanks.

War and the French Sixteenth Century, 1st February, Foster Court 114
Wes Williams (St Edmund Hall, Oxford), Battle-Scarred Stories: Rabelais and/in Scots Translation
Andrea Frisch (Maryland), The French Wars of Religion and the Boundaries of Tragedy

Borderlands, 29th February, Roberts Building 110
Sizen Yiacoup (Liverpool University), Chivalrous Moors: Warfare and Cultural Hybridity in the Castilian Frontier Ballads
Claire Norton (St Mary’s College, Strawberry Hill), Blurred Boundaries: the Mediterranean World as a Site of Interaction and Integration

Catholic Aesthetics, 21st March, Roberts Building 110
Peter Davidson (Aberdeen), Rubens’s design for the 1635 ‘Arch of the Mint’ and the Virgin of the Andes?
Lilla Grindlay (English, UCL), ‘Some Out Of Vanity Will Call Her the Queene Of Heauen’: Polemical Representations of the Virgin Mary in Early Modern Religious Discourse


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