Monday, January 09, 2012

Jacobean Indoor Playing Symposium

London Shakespeare Centre
Saturday 4th February 2012, 10:00-18:30
Anatomy Museum and Theatre, Strand Campus
King’s College London

Following the announcement by Shakespeare’s Globe of their plans to construct an Indoor Jacobean Theatre on the London Bankside, the London Shakespeare Centre invites you to a one day symposium on recent research in to the London theatres and their cultural, architectural and political contexts.
Panels include papers on repertory, audience and lighting in the indoor theatres, on Inigo Jones at the Queen’s House and Somerset House, on digital resources for early modern theatre, on John Webb and the Worcester College Drawings, and discussion of the Globe’s Indoor Jacobean Theatre Project.
Speakers include Dr Gordon Higgott, Sarah Dustagheer, Dr Bridget Escolme, Prof Martin White, Prof Julie Sanders, Philippe Roesle, Prof John McGavin, Prof Alan Read, Oliver Jones, Jon Greenfield and Peter McCurdy.

Registration fee: £25 waged / £15 unwaged (includes refreshments and lunch)
For more information please visit
For booking, go to

10:00 Registration and Coffee
10:30 Welcome and introduction to the Globe’s Indoor Theatre project
10:45 Panel 1 - Indoor Playing
o Sarah Dustagheer (Kings)
o Bridget Escolme (Queen Mary’s)
o Martin White (Bristol)
12:05 Panel 2 – The Queens House
o Clare McManus and Sophie Carney (Roehampton)
12:50 Lunch
13:35 Panel 3 – Geopolitics of Playing
o Julie Sanders (Nottingham)
o Philippe Roesle (Kings)
o John McGavin (Southampton)
14:55 Panel 4 – Inigo Jones and the Strand
o Alan Read (Kings)
15:40 Coffee
16:10 Keynote – John Webb and the Worcester College Drawings
o Gordon Higgott (English Heritage)
16:55 Panel 5 – The Globe’s Indoor Theatre Project
o Ollie Jones (York/Globe)
o Jon Greenfield
o Peter McCurdy
17:55 Closing remarks
*Programme and paper tiles subject to confirmation by conference organizers.


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