Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Renaissance Lit readers invited to edit Devonshire MS

Alyssa McLeod, on behalf of the DMS Editorial Group, writes ...

The Electronic Textual Cultures Lab at the University of Victoria would like to invite you to participate in an experiment in social edition building. Given Renaissance Lit’s focus on early modern literature, you and your readers would have unique insight into the Wikibooks edition of the Devonshire Manuscript, a courtly miscellany produced by Anne Boleyn’s circle, and we would like to invite you and your followers to edit it.

The Electronic Textual Cultures Lab’s Devonshire MS Editorial Group is testing new methods of collaborating on knowledge curation, guaranteeing credit for multi-authored work, and ensuring the scholarly authority of community-built editions. Guided by an advisory group of leading Early Modern and Renaissance Studies scholars, Dr. Siemens’ team has advanced an authoritative version of the edition to the advisory group for review. Dr. Siemens and his team have also posted the edition in Wikibooks, a flexible platform that allows for contributions by multiple editors.

We would welcome contributions to the edition from you or any of your interested readers.


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