Monday, March 05, 2012

British Graduate Conference

We invite graduate students with interests in both Shakespeare and
Renaissance studies to join us in June for the Fourteenth Annual
British Graduate Conference.

The interdisciplinary conference provides a friendly but stimulating
academic forum in which graduate students from all over the world can
present their research and meet together in an active centre of
Shakespeare research: Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford-upon-
Avon. Undergraduate students in their final two years of study are also
invited to attend the conference as auditors.

The conference will feature talks by Peter Holland (Notre Dame), Tiffany
Stern (Oxford), Paul Menzer (Mary Baldwin), and Katherine Duncan-
Jones (Oxford). Delegates also have the opportunity to attend the Royal
Shakespeare Company’s production of Richard III, part of the World
Shakespeare Festival, at a group-booking price. Lunch will be provided
on each day, and we will be hosting a dance and a drinks reception for
the delegates.

We invite abstracts of approximately 200 words for papers twenty
minutes in length (3,000 words or less) on subjects relating to
Shakespeare and Renaissance studies. Delegates wishing to give papers
must register by Friday May 4, 2012. Due to the growing success of this
annual conference, we strongly encourage early registration to ensure a
place on the conference programme.
For more information on the conference and registration visit:
E-mail us at:


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