Thursday, March 15, 2012


Romance: Places, Times, Modes

School of English, University College Cork
Cork, Ireland
21-22 September 2012

Romance has been one of the most resilient and protean of literary kinds, existing in its own right, moulding itself in other genres, and transforming itself in the long history of its aesthetic and cultural traffic from antiquity to early modern times, and between different cultures. Royal and popular, romance has absorbed, often at once, a plethora of discourses concerned with politics and privacy at crucial moments in European history and in its contacts with the worlds beyond Europe. This conference offers the chance to reassess the nature and importance of romance within the larger frame of cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, comparative, and theoretical studies. The identification of new romances, the exploration of romance in contact with other genres and modes, and cultures other than English, and the larger reflections romance facilitate in the process of absorption and reconfiguration of places and times in which it is produced—all these are topics of considerable interest and value. At a further level, such imperatives have much to suggest about the processes by which the romance itself has undergone transformation and has transformed our understanding of its place in literary history, and beyond borders and countries. Contributions to this discussion are invited, covering as wide a range in terms of period, concept and approach as critical imagination can devise, to explore the imaginative suppleness and dynamic of romance across places, times, and modes.

Topics may include but are not limited to

Ethics and politics

Movement in time and space

Travel, sea, and geography

Contacts with the East; Islam


Sources and analogues

Crossovers with other genres

Cross-national / cross-ethnic contacts

Print and manuscript

The material book

Theories of romance



Gender and Sexuality

Romance and the arts

Translations and adaptations

A 200-word abstract, including contact information, should be sent to Goran Stanivukovic ( and Sergi Mainer (, School of English, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, before 1 June 2012.


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