Tuesday, April 03, 2012

‘New Directions in the Renaissance’

Friday 2 November 2012
The University of Edinburgh
The cultural movement known as the Renaissance, and the profound affect
it had on the intellectual and artistic life of early modern Europe,
continues to provide inspiration for new scholars across a wide range of
disciplines. ‘New Directions in the Renaissance’ is an interdisciplinary
conference which aims to provide a forum for those studying the
Renaissance in its birthplace and heartland, Italy, to reflect on the
broad range of topics and themes which characterise study in this field.
Contributors are invited to explore emerging areas of inquiry, new
approaches to existing Renaissance scholarship, and the use of new media
and sources in their research. Participants must be concerned with the
Renaissance in Italy between c.1400-c.1600, but topics are not otherwise
The conference offers the opportunity for postgraduate students and
early career researchers (whether at PhD, MPhil, or MSc by Research
level) from universities across the UK to present their research in a
constructive, friendly environment. It is expected that funding will be
available for speakers’ travel and accommodation.
Please send proposals of 300 words for papers of 20 minutes, along with
a short biography, to: edinburghnewdirection@gmail.com by Friday 1 June


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