Thursday, April 12, 2012

“Revolutionizing Early Modern Studies”

The Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership in 2012
University of Oxford
17-18 September 2012

To mark a decade of the Text Creation Partnership (TCP)’s work at the
Bodleian Libraries, producing searchable, full-text transcriptions of
works in Early English Books Online (EEBO), we invite proposals for
research papers and posters reflecting the various ways in which TCP
texts are being used.
Is EEBO-TCP revolutionizing research and teaching in early modern
studies? What features would be desirable but are not yet available?
What improvements could be made in the decade to come?
The TCP is a collaboration between the University of Oxford, the
University of Michigan and ProQuest. It is funded internationally by a
consortium of partner institutions, and in the UK through JISC
Collections. TCP editions power full-text searching of ProQuest’s EEBO
database, and contribute to many other projects’ work.
To date, the TCP has produced over 40,000 full-text XML editions of
books printed between 1473 and 1700. Phase I produced over 25,000 texts,
and Phase II, currently underway, will complete the corpus of about
70,000 unique titles in English.
Keynote speakers: Dr John Lavagnino, King’s College London; Dr Emma
Smith, University of Oxford.
For people interested in using TCP texts for research, one-to-one text
clinic sessions are available.
We welcome proposals for papers and posters on:
 Research based on EEBO-TCP
 Methodologies in teaching
 Text editing
 Emerging trends influenced by EEBO-TCP’s availability
 Potential for future research
Proposals for 20-minute papers should be a maximum of 500 words, and for
posters, 250 words.
Deadline for proposals is 7 May 2012.
Invitations to present will be sent by 1 June 2012.
If you would like your paper to appear as part of the conference
proceedings (registration required) in the Oxford University Research
Archive, the deadline for submission of final papers is 29 August 2012.
We welcome proposals from graduate and post-doctoral students as well as
established scholars. If you would like to be considered for a
financially assisted place at the conference, please indicate this when
you submit your proposal.
For further details, see For proposal
submission, details of the conference venue, and registration, please
visit the University Stores. For any queries, and to book a text clinic
session, please email Pip Willcox, pip [dot] willcox [at] bodleian [dot]
ox [dot] ac [dot] uk.


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