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News in Early Modern Europe Centre for Early Modern Studies, University of Sussex June 6-7, 2012 Programme The following is provisional, and subject to change. Wednesday 6th June 09:00-09:30 Registration; tea & coffee Location: Fulton Building foyer 09:30-11:00 Plenary 1: Andrew Pettegree (University of St Andrews), 'Making the news in early modern Europe' Location: Fulton lecture theatre A 11:00-11:30 Tea & coffee Location: Fulton 114 11:30-13:00 Session 1a: News and propaganda Location: Fulton 101 * Cathy Parsons (University of Sussex), 'John Bale's King Johan: English history play or Henrician Protestant propaganda?' * Laurent Curelly (Université de Haute Alsace), 'When digging the ground grabbed the headlines: the Surrey Diggers as viewed by contemporary newsbooks (1649)' * Lena Liapi (University of York), 'Hectors and highwaymen: crime pamphlets and royalist propaganda in the 1650s' Session 1b: Sensational news Location: Fulton 107 * Josephine Billingham (UCL), 'Strumpet or simple wench? Reporting infanticide in early modern England' * Emma Whipday (UCL), '"A True Reporte": News and the neighbourhood in early modern marital murder narratives' * Simon Davies (University of Sussex), 'Witchcraft in the news: representing sensation?' 13:00-13:45 Lunch Location: Fulton 114 13:45-15:15 Session 2a: News and the public persona Location: Fulton 101 * Raymond Carlson (Clare College, Cambridge), 'Humanist as publicist: Benedetto Varchi, the Accademia Fiorentina, and Michelangelo's poetic persona' * Maria Kirk (University of Sussex), 'Broadside ballads and the performance of wealth: The "triumphant show" of Algernon Percy, 10th Earl of Northumberland' * Catherine Tremain, 'And death shall have no dominion: the rise and significance of obituaries in eighteenth-century provincial journals' Session 2b: International news networks 1 Location: Fulton 107 * Michael Gordian (Warburg Institute), 'News from Spain – A sixteenth-century account of an Inquisitional trial of Alumbrados in Germany' * Michiel van Groesen (University of Amsterdam), 'Reading the Papers in the Dutch Republic – Hugo Grotius, P. C. Hooft, and the consumption of foreign news in the 1630s' * Joop W. Koopmans (University of Groningen), 'The 1755 Lisbon earthquake in Dutch news sources' 15:15-15:45 Tea & coffee Location: Fulton 114 15:45-17:15 Session 3: Producing news: reporting, rumour and rights Location: Fulton 107 * Viviana Comensoli (Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario), '"To be a man in print": Plague writing, news, and the popular press in Thomas Dekker's The Wonderful Year (1603)' * John Hunt (University of North Florida), 'Rumors, newsletters and the Pope’s death in early modern Rome' * Will Slauter (Université Paris), 'Owning the news, before and after copyright' 20:00 Conference dinner Location: TBC Please ensure you have informed the conference organisers if you wish to attend. Thursday 7th June 09:30-11:00 Plenary 2: Joad Raymond (University of East Anglia), title TBC Location: Fulton lecture theatre A 11:00-11:30 Tea & coffee Location: Fulton 114 11:30-13:00 Session 4a: News on the stage Location: Fulton 101 * Lana Harper (University of Sussex), 'Theatre as news' * Barbara Wooding, 'Performing the news' * Lena Steveker (Universitaet des Saarlandes), 'Staging news, politics and censorship in Middleton's A Game at Chess' Session 4b: International news networks 2 Location: Fulton 103 * Stefania Gargioni (Erasmus Mundus European Doctorate), 'The circulation and the reception of the French Wars of Religion's propaganda in England and the Holy Empire' * Anna Kalinowska (Polish Academy of Sciences), 'The avisos from divers other places of Christendome… News from East-Central Europe in English corantos, 1620-1642' * Suzanne Forbes (University College Dublin/IRCHSS), 'The impact of reprinted news in Ireland, 1690-1715' 13:00-13:45 Lunch Location: Fulton 114 13:45-15:15 Session 5a: News and visual culture Location: Fulton 101 * Katrina Marchant (University of Sussex), '"Spinning Virginia": The works of John White, Theodore de Bry and Thomas Harriot' * Elena Kiryanova, 'The image of Charles Stuart in the Civil War news' * Adam Morton (University of York), 'Laughter & collusion: the visual culture of 'news' in Restoration England' Session 5b: International news networks 3 Location: Fulton 103 * Barbara Kennedy (University of Sussex), ''I prefer my letters to be answered by mind, rather than by hand': The letters and correspondence network of Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499)' * Virginia Dillon (Somerville College, Oxford), 'Transylvania, Poland and the Ottoman Turks: The adventures of György II Rákóczi in the German Newspapers, 1657-58' * David Martín Marcos (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid), 'The founding of Colonia del Sacramento: news and conflicts at the Iberian peninsula' 15:15-15:45 Tea & coffee Location: Fulton 114 15:45-17:15 Session 6a: Theorising around news: genre and politics Location: Fulton 101 * Andrew Kau (Yale), 'News and the New Poet in 1579: Sidney, Spenser, and Hake' * Alexandra Zobel (UCLA), 'Ben Jonson meets the press: strategic politics and the new(s) economy' * Elliott Karstadt, 'Marchamont Nedham and the influence of the news on the theory of "interest"' Session 6b: News and truth Location: Fulton 103 * Paul Quinn (University of Sussex / University of Chichester), '"News from Sussex": Sensation, aberration and doubt in Sussex news sheets' * Andrew Hadfield (University of Sussex), title TBC * Nick Moon (University of York), '"Newes newes newes newes": The rhetoric of truthfulness in early modern broadside ballads' 17:15 Conference closes *** The conference fee is £20, payable in cash or cheque (made out to the University of Sussex) on arrival. This includes lunch on both days, and refreshments throughout the conference. A single-day rate of £10 is available for those unable to attend both days. To register for the conference, please with your name, institution (if relevant) and any dietary requirements.


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