Saturday, June 30, 2012

Malone Society blog!

This from Katharine Craik ... Dear Colleagues I'm pleased to announce that the Malone Society blog is now live, thanks to the efforts of our E-presence bursary-holder Yolana Wassersug. Those of us who saw Yolana's presentation on Saturday will already know that the URL is: Please could you take a look at these pages, sign up for the blog, and send Yolana any suggestions at: "Yolana Wassersug" We will shortly request the removal of all advertisements, as agreed; and Yolana is now working on setting up PayPal facilities. Please do circulate the URL widely to anyone you think might be interested. All good wishes Katie Dr Katharine Craik Department of English Oxford Brookes University Gipsy Lane Headington Oxford OX3 OBP


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