Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The EMPHASIS seminar on early modern philosophy and history of science, held in the School of Advanced Study (University of London, Senate House) in Bloomsbury begins its tenth series on Saturday 6 October 2012, 2-4pm (in room 104), when Dr Sarah Mortimer will be giving a paper entitled: ‘Hugo Grotius and Thomas Hobbes: Sacred History and Christian Commonwealths’ The other speakers this year are: Mark Burden, Hannah Dawson, Guido Giglioni, Eric Jorink James Lancaster, Thibaut Maus de Rolley, Simon Mills, Olivia Smith, Dario Tessicini and Ann Thomson The themes of this year’s sessions include: Philosophy in Dissenting Academies; The Royal Society and the Levant; Giordano Bruno and Copernicanism; Imagination and Locomotion in the Renaissance; Swammerdam, Steno and Spinoza’s Deus sive Natura; Living matter and early Enlightenment materialism. We also have joint sessions on Francis Bacon on mind and matter and Recent Research on John Locke. The organisers of the seminar are: Dr Stephen Clucas: s.clucas@bbk.ac.uk Dr Anthony Ossa-Richardson (Queen mary, University of London): anthonyossar@gmail.com If you would like to be emailed a copy of the programme or be added to our email list please contact Dr Stephen Clucas: s.clucas@bbk.ac.uk.


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