Friday, September 14, 2012

Reevaluating the Literary Coterie, 1550-1825

Seminars at 6-8pm. At UCL; venue information to be announced shortly at

3rd October
Christine Gerrard (University of Oxford), A Scorpion in the Nest: Sexual Politics and the Hillarian Coterie, 1720-1725.
Felicity Roberts (King's College London), Mary Delany (1700-1788) and her membership of the Bluestockings

17th October
Jennifer Young (King's College London), Shakespeare and the Fleet Street Syndicate (1630-32)
Hannah Crawforth (King's College London), TBA

31st October
Gregory Dart (University College London), TBA
Will Bowers (University College London), 'A curious moving scene of all nations and languages’ - Holland House as salon or coterie. 

14th November
Arthur F. Marotti (Wayne State University), Concentric Literary Circles: Christ Church, Oxford Poetry and the Circulation of Manuscript Verse in Jacobean and Caroline England.
Steven W. May (University of Sheffield, Emory University), Coteries? What Coteries?

12th December
Helen Hackett (University College London), Re-evaluating sisterhood and female friendship in the manuscript verse miscellany of Constance Aston Fowler

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