Monday, September 24, 2012

Sussex Centre for Early Modern Studies

All talks in the English Social Space (B274), Arts B, Sussex University from 6-7.30.

1st. semester 
Oct 2: Andy Kesson (University of Kent), ‘Euph culture: John Lyly's Euphues as early modern celebrity’
Oct. 24 [note Wednesday not Tuesday]: Gordon McMullan (King’s College, London), ‘”A numerous fleet of cormorants black,/That sailed insulting o'er the wrack”: a history of greed in Shakespeare, Marvell and Milton’
Oct 30: Jenny Richards (University of Newcastle), ‘Reading aloud and talking about The Womans Book in early modern England.’
Nov. 13: Sjoerd Levelt (University of Sussex), 'Medieval Chronicles in the Early Modern Period'
Nov. 27: Chloe Porter (University of Sussex), ‘Going Unseen: Material Invisibility in Early Modern Drama’
Dec. 11: Robert Appelbaum (Uppsala University), ‘Terrorism Before the Letter, 1559-1642’
Dec. 18: Christmas Quiz, Shakespeare’s Head Pub, Brighton

2nd. semester
Jan 29: Cynthia Herrup (University of Southern California), 'A crisis of mercy?: Charles II's pardon of the Earl of Danby'
Feb. 12: Mark Nicholls (St. John’s College, Cambridge), ‘The Lost Art of Government: the Privy Council after 1603’
March 5: Charlotte Scott (Goldsmiths’ College, London), ‘Darkness Visible: Shakespeare's Macbeth and the Intervention of the Human’.
March 19: Alex Davis (University of St. Andrews), 'Out of Bounds: Fictions of Inheritance from The Tale of Gamelyn to As You like It'.
April 9: Laurie Maguire (Magdalen College, Oxford), 'Hail muse, etcetera'.
May 16: seminar at Petworth house.
 Late June/early July, CEMS conference, ‘Popes and Papistry in Early Modern England’ (details to be supplied later).


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