Friday, October 26, 2012

*PhD Forum: Call for Participants*

MarineLives is an innovative academic project for the collaborative transcription, linkage and enrichment of primary manuscripts which were originated in the High Court of Admiralty (HCA), London, 1650-1669. The end product will be a publicly and freely available online academic edition.

The MarineLives PhD Forum will consider the potential relevance of High Court Of Admiralty records, as revealed by the substance of HCA 13/71 (1656-1657) to four broad research areas and to the specific research interests of participants. The research areas of interest are: (1) Material & Cultural (2) Commercial & Legal (3) Geography & Trade (4) Language with a separate SKYPE forum held for each area.

These forums will assist us in understanding the research questions of relevance to forum members which can be addressed using tools such as semantic markup, data mining, and data linking. The input will influence the second phase of our project between Januray and March, 2013.

Further details, including how to sign up are here or by email to


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