Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Popes and the Papacy in early modern English culture

An interdisciplinary conference
The University of Sussex, June 24th – 26th 2013
Confirmed speakers include Peter Lake,
Susannah Monta and Alison Shell
Proposals are welcome for individual papers or panels on any subject associated with the theme of the conference. Topics may include:
·                    Anti- Catholic satire
·                    Pre-Reformation culture
·                    Literary representations of Popes and the Papacy
·                    Lives of the Popes
·                    English Cardinals
·                    Religious controversy
·                    Recusant culture
·                    Papal Bulls
·                    Excommunication
·                    Diplomacy/Ambassadors/Nuncios/Correspondence
·                    Architecture
·                    Ecclesiology
·                    Theology
300 word proposals for papers and panels should be sent to Paul Quinn (p.l.quinn@sussex.ac.uk) by March 1st 2013.  Papers should last for 20 minutes.  Panels should include three papers.


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