Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reading the Ancient Near East in Early Modern Europe

University College Dublin/Marsh’s Library
22-23 November 2012

Thursday 22nd November
Venue: Humanities Institute of Ireland (HII) seminar room, UCD
9.30-10 .15 Registration and welcome by Prof. Anne Fogarty (Head, English, Drama and Film)
10.15-11.30 Herodotus abroad
Prof. Dennis Looney (University of Pittsburgh), ‘Reading Herodotus in Renaissance Ferrara’
Dr Cristina Paravano (Milan State University), ‘When the ‘Father of History’ arrived in England: Literary and Political Reception of Herodotus’
11.30-12 Coffee
12-1 Prof. Neil Rhodes (University of St Andrews), ‘Pure and Common Greek in Early Tudor England’
1-2 Lunch
2-3.30 Travel, cosmography, ethnography
Dr Galena Hashhozheva (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich) ‘“Carried so far from my selfe”: Spenser, Scythian ethnographer’
Dr Andrew Nichols (University of Florida), ‘A World of Wonders: India in the Cosmographia of Sebastian Münster’
Image Reproduced by kind permission of UCD-OFM Partnership
Prof. Ladan Niayesh (University of Paris Diderot – Paris 7), ‘Chil-mynar, or Antiquities of Persepolis’: Rewriting and Classicising in Thomas Herbert’s A Relation of Some Yeares Travaile (1634, 1638, 1664)’
3.30-4 Coffee
4-5 Prof. Edith Hall (King’s College, London), ‘The Early Modern Cambyses’
5.15-6 Launch of ‘Reading East: Irish Sources and Resources’ website by Dr Marina Ansaldo (UCD) and Dr Elizabethanne Boran (Worth Library)
Friday 23rd November
Venue: Marsh’s Library, St Patrick’s Close (seminar room)
9.45-11.15 Appropriations
Dr Derval Conroy (UCD), ‘Adaptations and appropriations: women rulers of the Ancient Near East in early modern France’
Simon May (Jesus College, Oxford), ‘Christopher Marlowe and the Near East’
Dr Jennifer Sarha (King’s College, London),’The Legend of Sardanapalus in the Early Modern Period’
11.15-11.45 Coffee
11.45-12.45 Dr Noreen Humble (University of Calgary), ‘The Reception of Xenophon's Persia in 15th-16th century Europe’
12.45-2 Lunch
2-3.30 Religion and Science
Dr Thomas Roebuck (University of Oxford), ‘Edward Bernard’s Josephus: Religion, Philology and the Near East in Late Seventeenth-Century Oxford’
Dr Ayelet Langer (Institute of English Studies, London), ‘The Near Eastern Gods in the Poetry of John Milton’
Dr Claire Gallien (University Paul Valéry-Montpellier 3), ‘Classical sources, Arabic material and experimental science in John Greaves’s Pyramidographia (1646)’
3.30-4 Closing roundtable
4-5 Library tour with Dr Jason McElligott (Keeper, Marsh’s Library)

For further information/to register interest in attending, contact or

This conference is kindly supported by the Government Of Ireland Research & Senior Research Fellowship Project in the Humanities and Social Sciences funded by the Irish Research Council, and by the Society for Renaissance Studies


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