Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shakespeare and Feminism

Lecture on Monday 4 February at 5.30 in the Council Room, King’s Building, King’s College London

Catherine Belsey (University of Swansea) will give a lecture on ‘The Eventful History of Juliet and her Romeo’.

The lecture will be followed by a reception.

Catherine Belsey’s most recent book is A Future for Criticism (2011). After many years at Cardiff University as Chair of the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, she is now research professor at Swansea University. She is author of Why Shakespeare? (2007) as well asShakespeare and the Loss of Eden (1999) and The Subject of Tragedy (1985). Her Shakespeare in Theory and Practice (2008) indicates how her two major interests have interacted, as does Critical Practice (1980, 2002). The theory takes centre stage in Poststructuralism: A Very Short Introduction (2002) and Culture and the Real (2005).

This is one of a series of lectures presented by the London Shakespeare Centre at King’s College London, featuring distinguished speakers whose publications and teaching have had a major impact on how we read Shakespeare today in the aftermath of th ‘literary theory’ revolution of the late twentieth century to which they have all made significant contributions.

The next lecture will be on 18 March when Coppelia Kahn of Brown University will speak on ‘Feminist Criticism, Queer Theory, and Shakespeare in the Twenty-first Century’.


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