Monday, February 04, 2013

Historical Dance in London

I wanted to alert you to a talk & dance demonstration by Nonsuch History and Dance Group taking place this Friday 8th February at the National Gallery.

Nonsuch is Britain's premier Historical Dance company, using the dances of history to teach, train and entertain since 1966.
More information here

This event will examine Renaissance Dance as depicted in paintings of the period, and may be of interest to those studying Renaissance Literature, both in terms of theatrical performance and also for visual contexts (though you will of course be very welcome whatever your specialism!).

You will find a more detailed summary of the event below; tickets are £8/£6 concessions and bookable by telephone, in person or online via the National Gallery website.

I do hope some of you may join us on Friday evening.

Kind regards,
Eva Traynor
UCL English Graduate 2006 and Performer with Nonsuch Dance


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