Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Reading and Health in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800

Registration is now open for the symposium, at Newcastle University, 5th-6th July.

Online registration can be found at:

DAY 1: Mining Institute, Newcastle City Centre

Friday 5th July

11-11.30 Registration

11.30-12.30 Plenary: Katharine Craik, University of Oxford Brookes, ‘Unreasonable Readers’

12.30-1.30 Session 1
Sara Miglietti (Warwick), ‘“Read thyself”: The reception of Plutarch’s De tuenda sanitate in sixteenth-century England’
Thomas Charlton (Stirling), ‘Reading in the ‘Face of Death’: The health and reading of Richard Baxter’

1.30-2.30 LUNCH

2.30-3.30 Session 2
William Youngman (Cornell), ‘Textual healing at St Bartholomew’s hospital: Scribal liberty, medical hospital’
Lana Harper (Sussex and Shakespeare’s Globe), ‘Housewifery texts and female medical identities’

3.30-4.30 Session 3
Toria Johnson (St Andrews), ‘“And if thou never pitie my distresses”: The threatened reader of English lyric poetry’
Erin Weinberg (Queen’s), ‘Reading and misreading the body in The Comedy of Errors

4.30-5 TEA & COFFEE

5-6.00 Plenary: Josie Billington and Phil Davis, University of Liverpool, ‘The very grief a cure of the disease’

6-7.00 Reception, followed by Conference Buffet

DAY 2, Herschel Building, Newcastle University

Saturday 6th July

9.30-10.30 Plenary: Helen Smith, University of York, 'Reading and using: psyche and physic in early modern England'

10.30-11.00 TEA & COFFEE

11-12.30 Session 4: Reading for bodily and spiritual health in seventeenth-century women’s writings
Rachel Adcock (Loughborough), ‘Dialogues between flesh and spirit: Reading for bodily and spiritual health in mid-seventeenth-century female writings’
Sara Reed (Loughborough), ‘Elizabeth Clinton’s Nurserie: Bodily and spiritual health as a literary theme’
Anna Warzycha (Loughborough), ‘“Sinner saved”: Gertrude More’s therapeutic Confessions and Spiritual Exercises (1657)’

12.30-1.30 LUNCH

1.30-3 Session 5
Sylvie Kleiman-Lafon (Paris Université 8), ‘Reading as both a disease and cure, or the paradox of medical treatises: Robert Burton, Bernard Mandeville, and George Cheyne’
Kate Loveman (Leicester), ‘Reading and ill-health in Samuel Pepys’s papers’
Guiliano Mori (IULM, Milan), ‘Democritus Junior as reader of Auctoritates: History of medicine through a sceptic eye’

3-4 Session 6
Lizzie Swann (York), ‘Dulce et utile: Diagnosis, dietetics and taste in early modern poetics’
Clarissa Chenovick (Fordham), ‘“Inward corruption, and infected sin”: Reading and penitential healing in Spenser’s House of Holiness’

4-4.30 TEA & COFFEE

4.30-5.30 Plenary: Richard Wistreich, Royal Northern College of Music, ‘Reading the Voice: The Anatomy and Physiognomy of Speaking and Singing’
5.30-5.45 Summary and Farewells


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