Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Mutilated Body

Call for Papers
Durham University, Medieval and Early Modern Student Association
Seventh Annual Postgraduate Conference, 8-9 July 2013

Durham University’s annual MEMSA conference is an interdisciplinary forum for postgraduates and early
career researchers to present and discuss their research. This year, the conference theme will focus on
aspects of destruction, disability, and personhood in the medieval and early modern periods. Paper
proposals may reflect the current trends in medical humanities and hagiography, but could also draw
upon inventive interpretations of mutilated corporeality, typified by books, architecture, kingdoms and
kingship, or Christendom. We welcome abstracts from postgraduates and early career researchers on all
aspects of this topic in medieval and early modern archaeology, history, literature, theology, art, music,
and culture. Presentation topics may include, but are not limited to:

- Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish martyrdom
- Iconoclasm
- Mutilation of manuscripts, book burning, and destruction of libraries
- Attitudes towards and treatment of physical and mental disability
- Religious rupture: monastic dissolution, Eucharist desecration, the Reformation, and the breaking
of Christendom
- Torture, execution, surgery, wounds, and disease
- Disruption and schism in the body politic
- Gendered bodies: domestic abuse and sexual violence
- Healing of wounds: reconstruction, conservation, miracles

In addition to the panels, the conference will include keynote addresses by Professor Faith Wallis of
McGill University and Professor Charlotte Roberts of Durham University. We are also pleased to
announce a visit to the the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition and discussion led by Professor Richard
Gameson of Durham University. Papers may also be submitted for publication in a special conference
proceedings edition of Hortulus.

Please contact with abstracts of 200-300 words, for papers lasting 20
minutes, no later than 15 April, 2013. For more information, please see our blog,


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