Thursday, March 14, 2013


Book, Text, and Place 1500–1750
4-5 July 2013
Research Centre, Bath Spa University

Plenary Speakers:
Professor Julie Sanders (University of Nottingham)
Professor Marcus Walsh (University of Liverpool)
Professor Henry Woudhuysen (Lincoln College, University of Oxford)

Transitions 1500-1750 aims to explore a wide range of transitions from a variety of critical and historical perspectives. We are particularly interested in papers that reflect on the impact that such transitions had on early modern subjects, institutions, material culture, habits of thought as well as literary, social and cultural practices. Different disciplinary perspectives are especially encouraged. Possible topics of study include:

Transitional years (eg, 1534, 1558, 1603, 1660, 1707)
Celebrating/marking/remembering transition
Succession literature
From stage to page
From manuscript to print (and vice versa)
Generic shifts
Shifting author-patron, author-readership relations
Historical/literary historical constructions of transition
The intersection of the residual and the emergent

Please send proposals for papers (20mins) and any queries to
The deadline for proposals is 31 March.

Book, Text, and Place, 1500-1750 Research Centre:
Corsham Court, Bath Spa University:


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