Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Early Modern Paratexts 2013

University of Bristol, Clifton Hill House, Friday 26th July

9.00-9.30              Registration and Coffee

9.30-9.40              Seating and Welcome

9.40-11.00            Panel 1, Wills Reception Room                    

People of the Paratext

Danielle Clarke, University College Dublin
‘Early Modern Women’s Poetry, Form and Paratext’

Colm MacCrossan, Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership, Oxford Performing Patronage in the Headers of Richard Hakluyts The Principal Navigations (1598-1600)

Tamara Atkin, Queen Mary, and Emma Smith, Hertford College Oxford
Actors, Speakers and Personated Persons: Character Lists as Paratexts in Early Modern Plays

11.00-11.30                   Coffee

11.30-12.50                   Panel 2, Wills Reception Room                    

Prefacing the Text                  

Ben Crabstick, Independent Scholar
‘ “I shall deserve of the age: Humphrey Moseley and the Publishers Preface

Harriet Archer, Christ Church College Oxford
Rewriting History: The Unstable Texts and Paratexts of John Higginss Mirror for Magistrates (1574-1587)

Harry Newman, Kent
‘ “[M]y intentions herein are honest and iust: Prefacing Printed Gynaecological and Obstetrical Texts in Early Modern England

Panel 3, Symonds Music Room                 

‘And another thing ...’

Tom Charlton, Stirling
‘ “Place these three Letters as marked: the Reliquiæ Baxterianæ, Interpolation and Paratext

Marion Löffler, Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies
Translation, Education and Politics: Paratexts in 1790s Wales   

Martina Pranić, Free University Berlin
The Meaning in the Paratext: Changing Perspectives on  Marin Držićs Conspiratorial Episode

12.50-2.00            Lunch

2.00-3.20              Panel 4, Wills Reception Room      

The Paratext Proper

Camilla Temple, Bristol
‘The Emblem Book Epic and its Trans-European Readership: a Sixteenth-century Edition of Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Sophie Butler, New College Oxford
‘ “I Present thee Reader with no excellencies: Paratextual Readers and Writers of Essays in Early Modern England

Katherine Hunt, Birkbeck
Shuffled Knowledge: Text and Paratext in Early Modern Didactic Playing Cards

                                    Panel 5, Symonds Music Room       

Disrupting Reading

Bláithín Hurley, St Johns College Cambridge
Paratextual Paradigms or Decorative Distractions: Illustrations in the Music Instrument Manuals of Sylvestro di Ganassi

Lynsey McCulloch, Coventry, and Rob Tovey, Worcester
Designing the Early Modern Frontispiece: All this literature is book-nurtured and book-bound” ’

Rachel Stenner, Bristol
Books and Things: William Caxtons Erroneous Texts

3.20-3.50              Tea

3.50-5.10              Panel 6, Wills Reception Room      

Shaping and Reshaping

Peter Kirwan, Nottingham
‘ “The doubtful title, gentlemen, prefixed: Paratextual Truth Claims and Authenticity in the Shakespeare Apocrypha” ’

Judith Atty, Queen Mary
Changing Paratext, Changing Meaning: from Les Antiquitez to Ruines of Rome

Laura Moretti, Emmanuel College Cambridge
Ensuring Popularity: the Clever Use of Paratext in the Multiple Editions of a Japanese Early Modern Bestseller

                                    Panel 7, Symonds Music Room       

Reading Materials

Peter Auger, Oxford
Printed Marginalia as Punctuation

Lucy Razzall, Emmanuel College Cambridge
‘Printed Repositories in Early Modern England’

Rebecca Bullard, Reading
‘Signs of the times?  Reading Signatures in Two Late Seventeenth-century Secret Histories’

5.10-5.20              Comfort Break

5.20-6.10              Plenary Address, Wills Reception Room

Helen Smith, York
‘Negotiating Paratexts’

6.10-6.30              Closing Discussion, Wills Reception Room

6.30-8.00              Drinks Reception


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