Friday, August 30, 2013

ShaLT Project Lectures -- online!

Over the summer of 2013 a series of public talks
by leading theatre historians was given at the
Victoria & Albert Museum in London on various
topics around theatre in Shakespeare's time.

The talks were part of the 'Shakespearean
London Theatres (ShaLT)' project and were audio-
recorded for anyone to download from the ShaLT
website at

The full list of talks you can download is:

* Prof Andrew Gurr 'Why was the Globe Round?'

* Prof Peter Womack 'The People's Tragic Hero'

* Prof Julie Sanders 'Ben Jonson, Bankside and
the Blackfriars'

* Prof Tiffany Stern 'Stuck Up and Down About
the City'

* Prof Joanne Tompkins 'Virtual Reality and London's
Early Stages'

* Prof Jean E. Howard 'Rich City, Poor City'

* Dr Farah Karim-Cooper 'Fashioning the Female Face'

* Prof Martin White 'When Torchlight Made an
Artificial Noon'

* Prof Ralph A. Cohen 'The New Blackfriars'

* Prof Gary Taylor '1+1=3'

* Prof Martin Butler 'Exeunt Players'

The audio files are all offered under a Creative Commons
Attribution ShareAlike licence (CC-BY-SA) that allows
you to do anything with them--including putting them into
your teaching materials, burning them onto a disk and
selling it, adapting them as tap-dances for Broadway--
so long as you acknowledge the speaker and don't attach
a licence more restrictive than this one.

The ShaLT investigators, myself and Andrew Gurr, are
grateful to De Montfort University, the Victoria and
Albert Museum, and the Arts and Humanities Research
Council for financial support that made these talks
possible. We are especially grateful to the speakers
themselves for their contributions.

Gabriel Egan



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