Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Essex: The cultural impact of an Elizabethan courtier

One-Day Symposium
Saturday 26th October, 12-4.30pm
Sheffield Hallam University, Cantor Building, City Campus
Please contact to register

This one-day symposium marks the publication of a new collection of essays about the life and cultural impact of Robert Devereux, second earl of Essex. It brings together scholars who have been involved with the collection and whose research continues to engage with some of the issues and questions raised by their work for the volume. The papers will consider a selection of the diverse visual and textual manifestations of Essex and his circle in poetry and portraiture, as well as in texts produced by the earl himself.
There is no registration fee and refreshments will be provided, but we do require you to e-mail us in advance to book a place:
12 noon - Arrival and Coffee
Room 9003
12.15 – Session One
12.15 - Welcome and Opening Remarks – Lisa Hopkins (Sheffield Hallam University)

12.30 '"Mine excuse must only be the worthiness of former precedents": Gervase Markham’s English Arcadia and the Earl of Essex's Sidneian Inheritance'. Richard Wood (Sheffield Hallam University)

1.15 Lunch

2.15 – 3.15pm – Session Two

'More Poetry by the Earl of Essex?' Hugh Gazzard (St. Hugh’s College, Oxford)

'From Imitation to Counterfeit: Essex’s hand in correspondence'. Andrew Gordon (University of Aberdeen).

3.15-3.30pm - Coffee

'"Still renewing wronges": Gheeraert's Persian Lady Revealed'. Chris Laoutaris (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham) and Yasmin Arshad (University College London)

4.30pm Closing Remarks and conclusion of Symposium


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