Thursday, April 04, 2013

Poetics and Prose theory in Early Modern English

29 May 2013, CREMS, University of York, 9.30-5.30
Open to all – entrance free and no registration required, but do email if you’re planning to attend.
10.00-10.45 Poetic Treatises in Early Modern England
·         Gavin Alexander (Cambridge)
·         Hannah Leah Crummé (Kings College London) Theorizing English Rhetoric (Abraham Fraunce’s Arcadian Rhetorike and Fernando de Herrera)
·         Michael Hetherington (Cambridge),  Remembering Lysias: The Coherence of the Text in Early Modern England
Coffee 11.30-12.00

12.00-1.15 From Theory to Poetic Practice
·         Hannah Crawforth (Kings College, London), Richard Willes’ Poetic Theory and Practice
·         Micha Lazarus (Oxford), Sidney and Vettori’s Aristotle
·         Louise Wilson (St Andrews), Theories of pleasure in early modern literary criticism

Lunch, 1.15-2.15



·         Elizabeth Scott-Baumann (Leicester), A pause for thought?: Critical writing by women and men 1610-1660

·         Katherine Acheson (University of Waterloo in Ontario), The “Way of Dichotomy”: Visual Rhetoric, Dichotomous Tables, and Paradise Lost

·         John Roe (York), ‘Besely seeking with a continuell chaunge’: the poetics of indeterminacy in Petrarch and Wyatt.
Coffee, 3.30-4.00

4.00-4.45 Prose Theory
·         Florence Hazrat (Cambridge), Poesy, Plot and Parenthesis: Rhetorical Figures as Structural and Narrative Strategy in Early Modern Prose Writing
·         Stuart Farley (St Andrews), The Extemporary Method in Early Modern English Prose

·         Jenny Richards (Newcastle), tba

Part of the Sir Thomas Browne Seminar:


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