Monday, March 04, 2013

Columbia Early Modern Colloquium

The Columbia Early Modern Colloquium is delighted to welcome Erika T. 
Lin (George Mason) at its next meeting, on Thursday March 7, from
6.10-7.30 PM in 612 Philosophy Hall.

Erika T. Lin is Assistant Professor of English at George Mason University. She specializes in early modern literature and culture, with a focus on drama, theatre, and performance. Her first book, Shakespeare and the Materiality of Performance, examines the unspoken assumptions constitutive of early modern theatrical literacy: the historically-specific markers distinguishing meaningful stage signifiers from mere "background noise"; the interpretive paradigms governing audience understandings of mimesis; the affective responses generated by spectacle; and the dynamic interplay between theatre's representational strategies and presentational effects.

Lin is currently working on a new book exploring the performance dynamics of seasonal festivities and the commercialization of early modern theatre. Some of her preliminary research for this project was published in Theatre Journal.

PLEASE NOTE: Professor Lin's paper is being pre-circulated for discussion.
If you wish to attend and don't already have a copy of the paper, please contact Alan Stewart on


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